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Wieczór Kurta Cobaina
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5 kwietnia mija 15 lat od śmierci Kurta Cobaina, legendarnego lidera rockowej grupy Nirvana. Czy jesteś zainteresowany wzięciem udziału w specjalnym wieczorze poświęconym Jego pamięci?

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cXBcZOVOmxmhv (2012-07-05 04:41:53)
WalakumAssalaam wrwbwm !All prasies for Allah SubhanoTa'laa !Thank You for your appreciation.You are right in saying that carrying out a practice in a society that is not used to it, might invite trouble. But that is the beauty of Islam . No, I don't mean inviting trouble is the beauty (I could almost feel the Islamophobics jump with delight on reading this line )The beauty of Islam is, that it universalises practices for it's believers across the globe ! If all Muslims were to practise their daily activities according to Islam , as it were meant to be, won't it mean one culture too across the world ? No Islamic practice would be alien in any country ! But oh ! for my wishful thinking ! Coming back to the point, trouble or skepticism will be involved when it involves opposite genders. I don't deny that. Maybe, when beliefs are refined further, this skepticism can be done away with later, for things such as greetings at least.Speaking about cultural practices, I recollect a day when I had to visit the jawaazaat office in Saudi Arabia for my jawaazaat (documents), and of course since I couldn't drive and needed my husband's help since he is more fluent in Arabic than me, I tugged him along. I must say I was amused as well as offended by the discomfort that some of the staff members there, felt at my presence in an all-male office. And this was despite the fact that I was fully covered in my perfect abaya, with my face covered AND my husband with me ! On my second consecutive visit, the secretary to the Director ,asked my husband to leave me at home the next time he came along. I jutted in to say , it was my documents that we were visiting for. On the same visit, when I saw the Director also avoiding looking at me, I opted to stay at home the next time onwards and asked my husband to follow up my case But this was just an example of how a cultural practice can go wrong and be carried to an extreme.This is happening in a place, where a common woman had in the middle of a gathering that Hazrat Omar (RAH) was addressing , challenged him openly regarding a decision he was about to make. Hazrat Omar did not object to the woman speaking to him and neither had the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ever objected to women speaking to him or vice-versa. The restrictions on how a conversation should be conducted between the oppsosite genders, of course you know about it. For those who don't know, I can't cover it in the scope of this reply, which has lengthened already.So yes, ultimately it boils down to one's neeyah (intentions). But I still feel it would be a good thing to introduce this practice (or for that matter any Islamic practice ) even in places where they are not familiar with it or are not used to practicing it anymore. It will atleast raise their curiosity (and perhaps generate their interest) besides bringing in the sawaab of reviving a Sunnah

sydney (2009-03-22 10:49:08)
chętnie ale projekcja Last Days to chyba nie najlepszy pomysł

poiza (2009-03-16 21:53:13)
tak, zdecydowanie genialny pomyśł i 100% go popieram. Na peno przyjde nawet jeśli bilety będą baardzo drogie, co mam nadzieję się jednak nie stanie;p

BLEACH (2009-03-15 20:50:19)

kawa (2009-03-15 13:16:27)
Czemu nie:) Last Days chętnie bym obejrzała, niestety nie miałam jeszcze okazji.

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